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What is an implied consent hearing in Oregon?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a mistake that many Oregonians make each year. This mistake can have long lasting consequences if the legal case is not handled correctly. People may only think about the criminal side of the case in this situation. They may be worried about fines, jail time and the possibility of an ignition interlock device in these situations.

Alcohol education classes and DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense. However, it is one that can easily happen to people that would otherwise never break the law. When people recreationally drink, they may not realize when they have had too much. In some cases, a person can reach the legal limit after only a small or moderate amount of alcohol. This mistake, however, can affect their lives for years to come.

Certain factors affect blood alcohol content level

If an Oregon resident is convicted of driving under the influence, that person can face serious consequences. The penalties can include jail or prison time, large fines, alcohol education classes, ignition interlock devices, loss of drivers' licenses and more. To avoid these penalties, people need to avoid conviction. While there may be some ways to fight charges once they have been brought, the best way to avoid these penalties is avoid driving with an elevated blood alcohol content level.

Ignition interlock requirements in Oregon

When a person has been convicted of driving under the influence in Oregon, the person can face a variety of penalties. In many cases, the person can be sentenced to jail or prison, to large fines, have their drivers' license suspended or revoked, placed on probation or sentenced to alcohol education classes. The penalties will vary on a number of different factors including the person's criminal history and the circumstances surrounding the person's arrest.

Oregon police make DUI arrests during Memorial Day weekend

For many people, Memorial Day welcomes the unofficial start of summer. Many people celebrate with vacations, barbeques and other parties. In some cases alcohol can be involved in the festivities. While summer is often a welcome change for people, drinking and driving is an easy mistake to make as people are focused on the fun and not their own blood alcohol content level.

Oregon police increase DUI patrols for the big game

There are certain times of the year when Oregon residents are more likely to be out drinking. During these times, police understand that there are likely to be more people on the roads who have been drinking and driving. Therefore, police increase patrols in order to try and make as many arrests as possible. These times of the year traditionally include New Years' Eve, Saint Patrick's Day and Super Bowl Sunday.

DUI punishments could become more severe in Oregon

When people are arrested and charged with drunk driving, it is important to vigorously defend against all potential DUI charges because of the serious consequences a conviction can have. Currently, DUI charges can result in the loss of a driver's license, fees, mandatory counseling and jail time.

Convicted of DUII in Oregon? Take a breath before driving

A state law that took effect at the beginning of this month requires anyone convicted of driving under the influence of intoxicants to have an ignition interlock device installed in their car. The length of time required primarily depends on the number of drunk-driving convictions on your record.

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