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Oregon man pleads no contest to DUII charges following accident

The punishments for drunk driving are always harsh. However, under certain circumstances, penalties can increase exponentially. One of these situations occurs when other people get hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver. In that case, more serious charges can be filed against a person in addition to DUI or DUII charges.

Portland police search men's home following arrest

If people are arrested after police find drugs on them, criminal proceedings are likely to follow. However, police may also follow up that arrest with additional searches of the people's homes, cars and offices particularly if the people are accused of drug trafficking. If police suspect that a person may have additional contraband, they can get a warrant to carry out the additional searches.

Portland plea deal leads to possible expungement of theft charge

From time to time, people can have a lapse of judgment and make a mistake. When that mistake leads to misdemeanor criminal charges, people may have to face consequences. However, in certain situations, the court may be willing to expunge those charges and give a person a second chance.

Police conduct should be questioned as part of criminal defense

Oftentimes, people assume that police always do their jobs right. People want to believe that police don't make mistakes. However, the reality of the situation is that mistakes happen in every profession -- even in law enforcement. However, when police make mistakes, it can seriously affect someone else's future -- especially when their mistake leads to criminal charges. By mounting an aggressive criminal defense, people can make sure that police are held accountable for their actions.

Portland man admits to hit-and-run, charged with misdemeanor

When an accident occurs, sometimes a person's initial reaction might be to run or drive away from the scene. However, leaving the scene of an accident can lead to misdemeanor charges. Instead of running from the scene, it is best for a person to stay and face a traffic violation, if one has been committed.

Group seeks to change Portland misdemeanor charge into felony

Those crimes that carry lighter penalties are usually classified as misdemeanors. There are many different types of misdemeanors, including certain types of theft. In Portland, Oregon, if someone breaks into the car of another and steals property from within that car, that person has committed a misdemeanor.

Mayoral candidate must answer for 20-year-old criminal charges

Allegations of criminal charges start a flurry of activity. As police investigate the allegations, witnesses are questioned, warrants are obtained and evidence is collected. Then, prosecutors start preparing a case against the accused. They determine and apply legal theories to the evidence gathered. Even with misdemeanor crimes, the case against the person accused is taken seriously.

After car accident, 14-year-old charged with DUI in Portland

A criminal conviction can follow a person for years after the incident. Some convictions can affect where people can live, limit future job opportunities and include jail or prison sentences. Some convictions, like drunk driving convictions, can result in the loss of a person's driver's license and a negative impact on his or her reputation.

Man pleads guilty to misdemeanor after costing Portland thousands

No matter how insignificant a particular interaction with the police may seem to be, people nonetheless need to prepare for the possibility of any subsequent criminal proceedings. Misdemeanor charges can have an immediate and serious impact on a person's life. In Oregon, misdemeanors include crimes such as disorderly conduct, driving with a suspended license, shoplifting, harassment, first-offense DUIs and certain thefts.

Investigation leads to arson and assault charges for Portland man

Before prosecutors can try a case against someone accused of a crime, police need to conduct a complete investigation of the criminal incident. These criminal investigations can be time-consuming, invasive and damaging to anyone accused of a crime. Investigators are often trained to get the most information as possible out of someone, and everything a person says or does during a criminal investigation can be used against them during a trial in an Oregon court.

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