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The dark emotional rainbow that follows DUII arrest

1. Remorse. This is your first DUII emotion. It happens the moment you see the police cruiser's flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. Remorse may not be the right word. If you could kick yourself at this moment, you would.

Fighting for juvenile rights

The criminal justice system can be difficult for anyone to navigate. It has complex rules that have to be followed exactly in order for people to have their rights protected. Deviating from these rules can have a negative outcome on a person's case.

What is the Oregon Youth Authority?

Young people are still learning. Much of that learning is done in an educational environment, but some is done through social experimentation. Teens, for example, may push the boundaries for their relationship with their parents or friends. They may experiment with new hairstyles, clothing or music. While much of this is normal and healthy, mistakes can be made along the way.

Protect against prescription drug related charges

In general when people think of drug use, they likely think about illegal drugs. They think of marijuana, heroin or cocaine. However, drugs are used in Oregon in much broader ways. In fact, many people legally used drugs every day. Prescription drug use, is legal. People are allowed to use antidepressants, narcotics and other mood-altering drugs on a daily basis to treat legitimate medical conditions.

Don't try to negotiate a plea agreement alone

In a recent blog post, this blog explained that Oregon prosecutors have the right to negotiate a plea agreement with people in certain situations. When prosecutors believe that justice will be affectively served, they have the ability to agree to a plea. A plea agreement generally allows a person to agree to plead guilty or plead no contest to a criminal charge. In exchange for this agreement, the prosecutor can lower the charges the person faces or the potential punishments.

Plea agreements and Oregon law

When a person is accused of a crime in Oregon, it can feel like the person has lost all control. They may not understand the criminal proceedings, the potential penalties or even how long the process is going to take. In many cases, it may feel as if the prosecutors have complete control over a situation. However, Oregon residents should know that they can play an active role in the criminal proceedings. With the right criminal defense help, people can defend against criminal charges.

Portland group faces multiple criminal charges in federal court

A large scale investigation has led to several arrests in the Portland area. According to reports, a group of eight people have indicted on federal charges following the investigation. This investigation resulted in the execution of several search warrants. Reports claim that at least 12 places were searched by federal agents as the indictments were issued.

Conditions to probation in Oregon

When someone is convicted of a crime in Oregon, that person can be sentenced to a variety of different punishments. The specific punishments will depend on the crime that the person has been convicted of, but punishments often include fines, prison or jail time and probation. When a person is on probation, the person's conduct is strictly limited. The person will be out of detention but subject to a variety of rules and restrictions. The person will also likely be strictly monitored by a probation officer for the duration of the probation period.

Domestic violence laws in Oregon

While members of a family often have a deep love for one another they can also disagree. When emotions get heated, these disagreements can lead to arguments -- both verbal and physical. There are times when these arguments can go too far and lead to criminal charges. It is important for Oregon residents to understand the difference between a simple argument between family member and domestic assault. This is because domestic assault and abuse charges have serious consequences and penalties.

Without help, a drug conviction can ruin a lifetime

Recreational drug use is not uncommon among young people. Especially in college, people often experiment with recreational drugs and alcohol. And, sometimes these people are caught. This does not make them bad people, but it can create a world of legal troubles and financial disaster.

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