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Beaverton area police chase ends with felony charges

An Oregon man out on parole was recently involved in a police chase that led to serious charges. These charges -- some of which are felonies -- could lead to prison time for the man. Police allege that they tried to stop the 29-year-old man near the intersection of Walker Road and Canyon Road in the Beaverton area. At the time, the man was apparently driving a stolen truck. Instead of stopping, the man ran from police, they said.

Oregon women charged with misdemeanors

When people are stopped by police or are involved in an accident, they may not know exactly how to respond. These can be intimidating situations that can lead to misdemeanors or other, more serious charges. However, it is important to remember that your conduct during a traffic stop or arrest can affect your criminal record even if you don't think you've done anything wrong. Depending on how you respond, you may face additional charges.

Portland man admits to hit-and-run, charged with misdemeanor

When an accident occurs, sometimes a person's initial reaction might be to run or drive away from the scene. However, leaving the scene of an accident can lead to misdemeanor charges. Instead of running from the scene, it is best for a person to stay and face a traffic violation, if one has been committed.

Naked Portland man charged with DUII after crashing car

It's not hard to find stories about embarrassing or outrageous behavior of someone who's intoxicated. Whether these stories come from news reports, our friends or our own personal history, they have the potential to be amusing, but they can also be a source of legal trouble. Sometimes they can cause so much shame that we don't know where to turn for help.

Oregon teenager charged with DUII after crashing into home

As teenagers, we're constantly telling our parents that we're adults and want to be treated as such. But the ages between 18 and 21 are a tough middle ground, in part because these young adults are still not old enough to drink, but face all of the legal ramifications that other adults do if they're involved in a crime that involves drinking.

Driver cited for DUII in crash that killed Oregon highway worker

It probably goes without saying that driving while intoxicated presents a serious danger to other people on the road. And when drivers take risks that directly affect other people, they affect their own future, as well. Aside from all of the personal ramifications of hurting or killing someone else, people who cause death or great bodily injury while driving drunk face much higher criminal penalties than those who are simply pulled over for driving erratically. They also may be ruled ineligible for diversion programs that allow them to keep a drunk-driving conviction off their criminal records.

DUII driver admits to hit-and-run that injured Portland cyclist

A highly unusual case of a hit-and-run collision involving an SUV and a bicycle has resulted in the driver coming forward, accepting charges against him and paying a settlement to the bicyclist. The driver, against whom police had very little evidence, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of intoxicants and misdemeanor hit-and-run as part of a plea agreement.

Oregon woman accused of DUII, trying to flee accident scene

Car accidents that result in injuries or death are undoubtedly stressful events. Immediately after the accident you may feel stress, shock, panic and confusion. If you know that you caused the accident, you may be tempted to avoid further trouble by leaving the accident scene immediately. But doing so won't make the fallout of the accident any easier and is likely to land you in more trouble.

Brother, friends of Portland DUII hit-and-run suspect arrested

Nothing induces panic quite like a car accident, especially if you're the driver at fault. Such incidents can cause us to act irrationally and make poor decisions that we later regret. Unfortunately, many times we don't get a second chance to do the right thing. In the meantime it can be easy to build on those original mistakes.

2 Portland-area crashes result in property damage, DUII arrests

Many drivers who suddenly find themselves in immediate danger of being arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants worry about what comes next. That largely depends on the circumstances of the DUII incident, which can quickly spiral out of control if a driver panics and makes the situation worse.

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