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Fighting for juvenile rights

The criminal justice system can be difficult for anyone to navigate. It has complex rules that have to be followed exactly in order for people to have their rights protected. Deviating from these rules can have a negative outcome on a person's case.

Juvenile expungement in Oregon

Children make mistakes. There are times when these mistakes lead to criminal charges. Like adults that are charged with a crime, these charges can follow the child for years to come. If convicted of criminal charges as a juvenile, the charges go on a person's criminal record. This record can prevent the person from certain educational benefits, job opportunities and more in the future. Therefore, many people want to avoid a criminal record altogether.

Take misdemeanor charges seriously with our help

Oregon residents likely understand the importance of a solid criminal defense strategy when they are facing serious criminal charges like murder, rape or drug trafficking. A criminal defense can make all the difference in avoiding serious penalties including prison time, large fines and a permanent criminal record.

Does new Oregon law really help remove mug shots from Internet?

No one is perfect -- people make mistakes all the time that result in a police investigation, an arrest and criminal charges. While many of these criminal charges may make their way through the criminal justice system in Oregon, some will not. With the right criminal defense from the beginning of a case, people can get charges dismissed. In some situations, people will be found not guilty of felony or misdemeanor charges and will be released without punishment.

Portland bouncer won't face criminal charges for shooting

When people are accused of a crime, they will have the opportunity to admit to wrongdoing or to deny the charges. If people deny the criminal charges, they can formulate a criminal defense strategy that can help to prove their innocence. Sometimes, people can be cleared of the charges even before a criminal trial.

Charges to be dropped in Portland gun case

Portland police are often asked to take small amounts of evidence and piece together a crime. In some cases, the scenario is easier to recreate and police have a solid case. In other situations, the police can reach for any information they can find and try to charge someone with a crime. When the police use circumstantial evidence, it's easy for someone to be wrongly accused of committing a crime.

Singer arrested in Portland over St. Patrick's Day weekend

Our Oregon readers probably know that when a celebrity gets arrested anywhere in the world, the news is going to pop up everywhere. This is true whether or not the arrest is for a serious offense or low-level misdemeanor. The latter occurred recently, involving Gossip singer Beth Ditto, and it just so happens that the arrest occurred right in Portland.

University of Oregon football player fights DUII charges

In criminal cases, people often hear about agreeing to a plea deal to quickly end a case. With a plea deal, people generally plead guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for a lighter sentence. Plea deals allow prosecutors to cheaply settle a case. However, people need to know that they have many criminal defense options available after they have been accused of a crime and that they do not have to choose a plea deal.

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