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Oregon Legislature debates new felony crimes

Under current Oregon laws, if a person solicits a minor for sex in exchange for money, that person is not charged with a felony. Instead, a fine of $10,000 is levied against people for a first-time offense, and people are fined $20,000 the second time they are charged. However, this soon could change if new proposed legislation is passed.

No criminal charges after investigation of Portland ballot

The police investigate many allegations of crimes. When they receive calls, tips and other information that a crime might have occurred, the police have a duty to investigate. However, not every criminal investigation leads to criminal charges. Sometimes, if the police find no evidence of a crime or if a person presents a strong criminal defense from the start, the police will stop the investigation and move on.

Man with lengthy criminal record charged with misdemeanors

Misdemeanor charges can result in a jail sentence of up to one year and thousands of dollars in fines. While this is significantly less time than a felony charge, misdemeanors should still be taken very seriously in Oregon. These charges are still added to a person's criminal record. Therefore, over time, if more misdemeanor charges accrue, punishments can increase and mean serious time behind bars.

Oregon indicts man following police shooting

Despite being shot by police, a 48-year-old man faces several criminal charges. According to police, the man had recently gone on a multiple state crime spree which included both Oregon and Washington. In Marion County court, the man has been indicted on several felonies -- felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon and giving false evidence to police.

Couple arrested for stealing formula following criminal investigation

In order to gather the evidence they need, police will often conduct extensive investigations and searches. In one recent criminal investigation, a couple was arrested on suspicion of stealing baby formula then reselling it on the internet.

Oregon legislature debates tougher criminal penalties

The criminal code in Oregon is constantly being revised, updated and changed by legislators. These fluctuating laws can create confusion for those unfamiliar with the criminal courts. Part of the revisions that are often made include increasing penalties for certain crimes. As these new laws and penalties are created, people facing criminal charges need to be mindful of their criminal defense strategy. Without understanding the laws, it can be difficult for people to defend against charges or to ensure that their rights are protected.

Police respond to burglary -- charge resident with drug charges

Police search for and find illegal drugs in many unusual places and situations. In a recent case, the police responded to a call about a burglary at a home in the Parkrose neighborhood in Portland. The case ended with drug charges for the resident of the home.

Certain circumstances can escalate misdemeanor charges

While misdemeanors typically include less serious crimes like traffic citations and low-level drug charges, simple assault charges are also classified as misdemeanors in Oregon. Misdemeanors can carry serious penalties including up to one year in jail and leave a person with a criminal record.

Oregon incarceration rate worries some politicians

The criminal justice system in Oregon is designed to punish those people who are found guilty of committing a felony or misdemeanor crime. Often times, these punishments can be severe and have long lasting effects. With the right criminal defense, people can reduce these punishments, but without help many people end up in prison.

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