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What are the fines for felony convictions in Oregon?

On many occasions, this blog has explained that the potential penalties for felony convictions in Oregon are severe. These crimes are the most serious that a person can face and therefore the penalties reflect that. While many people know that these crimes can potentially include a prison sentence, many people may not realize that they can be sentenced to large fines in addition to the prison time.

What is the statute of limitation for murder charges in Oregon?

Recently, this blog highlighted the story of a man that was charged in an attempted murder case. While the charges may not seem unusual, the man was charged with attempted murder almost two years after the alleged incident happened. For many people that may seem like a long time. People may think that criminal charges need to be brought quickly after an incident occurs. However, this may not be the case.

Shooting leaves 16-year-old with felony charges

In a lot of cases, criminal charges stem from one incident or act. They result from one moment in time where someone either failed to do something or acted in a way the person shouldn't have. Yet, the consequences from this one moment have the potential to stay with a person for the rest of the person's life. When the accused is young, the consequences can be even more acute.

Oregon woman faces felony charges for child assault

A 40-year-old woman faces felony charges in an Oregon court after the alleged murder of her daughter and the attempted murder of another daughter. According to police, the woman checked in to an Oregon resort with her 2-year-old and 13-year-old daughters in late July. Three days after entering the room, a cleaning crew found the girls. According to police, when the cleaning crew found the 13-year-old, her neck was slashed. However, the girl was still alive. The 2-year-old was apparently found drowned in the bathtub.

Portland man faces attempted murder charges after shooting

A person can face felony charges for a variety of activity. Drug charges, sex crimes and certain thefts can all be classified as felonies under certain circumstances. Violent crimes are often felonies, especially when someone's life has been put in danger.

11 months after shooting, Portland man faces murder charge

People's criminal history can follow them for years to come after the criminal proceedings are done. A permanent criminal record can lead to problems finding employment and housing. It can also increase penalties in subsequent criminal proceedings. Furthermore, a criminal history can create suspicion by police officers and the general public should an issue arise in the future.

Portland man faces murder charges after fight with brother

The holidays can be a stressful time for many Oregon families. With all of the family gatherings, tensions can run high and lead to disagreements. When these disagreements become physical, serious criminal charges can follow. Just because a fight happens between members of a family, does not mean that Portland police will not get involved if they are notified of the behavior.

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