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November 2015 Archives

Fight hard against drug charges

Drug charges are serious in Oregon. Charges for hard drugs, like heroin, can lead to serious penalties if a person is convicted. However, just because a person is charged with a crime does not mean that the person is guilty. There are situations where police get the facts wrong, obtain evidence illegally or a person has a valid defense. In any of the situations charges may be dropped against the accused.

How does a firearm change felony charges in Oregon?

A crime can occur under any set of circumstances, and the circumstances can vary based on a number of important factors. The specific situation in which a crime occurs will become very important during the criminal proceedings. In Oregon, the factors surrounding criminal behavior are often taken into account when a court determines a person's punishment.

Is it ever legal to have heroin in Oregon?

Some Oregon residents know what it's like to face drug charges. However, for some people, the drug charges themselves may be difficult to understand and sort through. In recent years, many drug laws have been strengthened, while others have been changed. With all the change surrounding many drug laws in Oregon, and across the United States, it can be difficult for people to understand when it is illegal to have a certain drug.

Three arrested on drug trafficking charges

Criminal investigations can result in a variety of different types of criminal charges. Often, law enforcement officials are looking for illegal drugs. Investigations often revolve around the transportation or sale of large quantities of these drugs. If people are caught in these situations, they can face harsh penalties in the criminal justice system.

Criminal defenses and the burden of proof in Oregon

When an Oregon resident is accused of committing a crime, and criminal charges are brought, a specific set of legal consequences will follow. From the beginning of the case through its completion, there are a variety of legal actions that can be taken by both the prosecution and the defense. These actions are necessary in order to ensure that a person's due process rights are not violated.

Don't brave misdemeanor charges alone

It can be easy for people who've been accused of misdemeanor crimes to think that the charges are no big deal. While felony charges carry serious jail time and high fines, many think of misdemeanors as carrying insignificant penalties. However, this is not necessarily the truth. Misdemeanors can have a long-lasting effect on a person's life.

What is prostitution in Oregon?

There have been many occasions where this blog has highlighted stories where Oregon residents have been accused of sex crimes. Most recently, we highlighted the case of an alleged internet sex ring that resulted in prostitution charges for 10 individuals. While Oregon residents may have heard the term prostitution on many occasions, they may not be aware of the legal realities of prostitution charges.

Misdemeanor charges for creating a hazard

When considering criminal charges it's easy to assume that a person must have taken active steps to hurt another in some way. Organ residents may assume that they need to orchestrate the entire event in order to be found guilty on a particular charge. However, people should know that it's not always that simple.

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