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Don't miss a DUII deadline

A drunk driving arrest can be a scary experience. For many people, the arrest was one huge mistake. Those arrested for DUII in Oregon are often just regular people who did not realize that they have overindulged. They are not hardened criminals or bad people. They simply made a mistake.

Following a drunk driving arrest, there are a lot of details to worry about. People might be concerned about how the arrest is going to affect their reputation in the community, their job or their home life. They may not think that they need to be worried about the legal consequences right away.

People may be under the impression that the legal case will move slowly -- giving them time to make decisions. However, this isn't truly the case. There are aspects of the legal case that move very quickly -- especially when it comes to drivers' license suspension.

When a person is arrested for DUII, two cases are started -- the administrative case and the criminal case. The administrative case started by the DMV will determine if a person loses that person's right to drive. In order to contest this action, people must file a request for an administrative hearing within 10 days of the person's arrest. If people do not meet this deadline, then they may not have the ability to contest a licenses suspension. Additional deadlines can apply for appealing a suspension and in other aspects of the case.

Our attorneys understand the seriousness of a DUII arrest. But, we also know that it is an overwhelming and scary time. As people process these emotions, our legal team can help people meet these legal deadlines. By acting quickly, we have helped people preserve as many driving rights as possible. Whether it is contesting a suspension, appealing a suspension or defending the criminal aspect of the case, we help take the burden off of the defendant.

When dealing with a DUII, people need help. For more information on how our law firm can help those charged with DUI keep their driving privileges, please see our drivers' license suspension webpage.

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