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December 2014 Archives

Christmas tree attack leads to misdemeanor charges and jail

While there is a lot of joy during the holiday season, there can also be a lot of stress. There are family parties, obligations and extra expenses -- all of which can create tension. With the constant stress placed on people during this time, it is easy for someone to overreact to a situation. However, when this happens people can still face criminal charges for their behavior.

What is the difference between assault and battery?

When someone is facing felony charges, the person can feel a whirlwind of emotions. They may be in jail as they await criminal proceedings, the may be out on bail, they may be dealing with the stigma of false accusations or the guilt and remorse for a mistake. Often people facing these serious charges are thrown into an unfamiliar legal world where very specific rules apply. They may not understand exactly why they are facing specific charges or even where to begin their defense.

Without help, a drug conviction can ruin a lifetime

Recreational drug use is not uncommon among young people. Especially in college, people often experiment with recreational drugs and alcohol. And, sometimes these people are caught. This does not make them bad people, but it can create a world of legal troubles and financial disaster.

Landing in federal court on drug charges

Oregon residents may not understand that they can face drug charges in one of two courts -- state court and federal court. It is a crime under Oregon state law and under federal law to produce, possession, distribute or manufacture certain illegal drugs. Being caught doing any of these activities can lead to serious criminal charges and penalties. Typically, however, the penalties for federal drug charges are much more severe than state charges. Therefore, the accused usually want to have the person's case stay in state court.

What are the different types of drug crimes?

Some types of criminal charges are very specific while others are very broad. The phrase "drug crimes" actually encompasses a wide variety of specific drug charges. Depending on the specific charges that a person faces, the penalties can be very different. Therefore, it is important for Oregon residents to understand the types of drug charges they face. In general, drug charges fall into one of four broader categories.

DUII charges for driver in Portland crash

Drunk driving charges are not black-and-white. Instead, there are a variety of factors that can influence the specific charges that a person faces when arrested for driving under the influence. These factors can include the person's blood alcohol content level, the person's criminal history, if property was damaged prior to the person's arrest and if someone else was injured by the suspected drunk driver. The facts surrounding a person's arrest can, therefore, become important in a drunk driving case.

Certain factors affect blood alcohol content level

If an Oregon resident is convicted of driving under the influence, that person can face serious consequences. The penalties can include jail or prison time, large fines, alcohol education classes, ignition interlock devices, loss of drivers' licenses and more. To avoid these penalties, people need to avoid conviction. While there may be some ways to fight charges once they have been brought, the best way to avoid these penalties is avoid driving with an elevated blood alcohol content level.

Probable cause and criminal charges

In a recent blog post, this blog explained that in order to get a valid warrant police had to prove to a judge that they had probable cause that a crime had occurred or was about to occur. Without proper probable cause, police could not obtain a warrant and, therefore, could not legally search a person or the person's property.

What are the requirements of a valid warrant?

From time to time, this blog has mentioned that police officers must have a warrant to perform many searches. In fact, a warrant is often required before an officer can legally search someone, their house or their car -- unless an exception applies. Additionally, a warrant is often required in order for a law enforcement official to make an arrest.

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