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September 2014 Archives

Man shot by police in Portland faces criminal charges

An unarmed man shot by Portland police is now facing serious felony charges in connection with the incident. According to reports, the 27-year-old man was shot on Interstate 84 after waving a replica gun at police officers. Police claim that he was shouting at police, asking them to shoot him. Prior to the incident, reports say that he was wandering in the interstate and caused several cars to swerve to avoid hitting him.

With our help, you can understand and fight drug charges

In this recent blog, we helped you understand the difference between the legalization and the decriminalization of marijuana. While this blog post provided some information, it does not even begin to cover everything you need to understand when you are facing drug charges.

What is the fine for DUI in Oregon?

With a recovering economy, money is tight for many people. People often don't have extra money to pay for unnecessary expenses. People may turn to cheaper forms of entertainment -- like drinking with friends -- to fill their time instead of more expensive options. However, Oregon residents should be aware that being convicted of drunk driving can lead to financial consequences.

Rollover accident leads to DUI charges for Portland man

A car accident in Oregon will often lead to an investigation by police. They police will try to determine why the accident occurred. If they believe that alcohol was a factor in the incident, the driver or drivers could face criminal charges for driving under the influence.

Understanding decriminalization of marijuana possession

There has been a lot of discussion about marijuana use and possession in the news over the last several years. Some states have legalized marijuana -- including Oregon's neighbor Washington -- some states have decriminalized marijuana and others continue to prosecute all marijuana possession cases. Furthermore, the federal government has added to the confusion by continuing to treat marijuana possession as a crime.

What is shoplifting?

Most Oregon residents stop into a store from time to time to do some shopping. In these cases, it can be easy for someone to grab something from the store and inadvertently forget to pay. People can also intentionally leave with items. In these cases, people can face misdemeanor charges for shoplifting. These charges can result in damage to a person's reputation, jail time, fines, restitution and more. These penalties can interfere with a person's life.

You need immediate help with felony charges

Under Oregon law, most crimes are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. Felonies are very serious offenses that -- upon conviction -- can result in more than a year in prison. However, people may not realize how varied felony crimes are. Felony crimes can include anything from drug charges to charges for sex crimes or theft. Whether something is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony can change the way prosecutors handle a case, and how, if you are charged, you should handle your defense.

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