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May 2014 Archives

Oregon police make DUI arrests during Memorial Day weekend

For many people, Memorial Day welcomes the unofficial start of summer. Many people celebrate with vacations, barbeques and other parties. In some cases alcohol can be involved in the festivities. While summer is often a welcome change for people, drinking and driving is an easy mistake to make as people are focused on the fun and not their own blood alcohol content level.

Oregon baseball pitcher arrested on misdemeanor charges

People can easily make mistakes. People can forget things, mistake peoples' identities and even mistake locations. When this happens, embarrassment might follow, but generally long-term consequences are kept to a minimum. However, when criminal conduct is included in a mistake, the outcome can be very different.

Police investigate firearms -- search ends in drug charges

When police and other law enforcement officials conduct large scale investigations, they may want to search the private property of Oregon citizens. In order to legally conduct these searches, the police must obtain a search warrant from a judicial officer. This search warrant will explain what evidence the police have that criminal activity may be taking place. It will also limit the scope of the search to a particular location and for a particular reason.

Portland man faces attempted murder charges after shooting

A person can face felony charges for a variety of activity. Drug charges, sex crimes and certain thefts can all be classified as felonies under certain circumstances. Violent crimes are often felonies, especially when someone's life has been put in danger.

Oregon police charge woman with DUI following erratic driving

An Oregon woman has been arrested following a car accident and fleeing from police. According to police, they received reports about a car driving erratically around 4:25 p.m. Witnesses claim that the car was driving from shoulder to shoulder and weaving in and out of traffic. People claim that at some point, the car hit the median and nearly hit several other cars.

Oregon track star suspected of interfering with an officer

Oregon police are responsible for investigating and stopping all sorts of criminal behavior. While some of this work is done away from the public eye, much of the police's actions can be seen by those near the supposed crime scene. While police are carrying out their job, police expect that Oregon citizen will not interfere with their work. If an Oregon resident does interrupt a police investigation that person could face criminal charges -- even if the person was not involved in the original incident.

Dancing outside courthouse leads to drug charges for Oregon women

Unusual conduct outside an Oregon courthouse has led to three arrests on drug charges. According to police, three woman were at city hall to pay a fine. When they left the building, court officials claim that the women started "twerking" - a dance made popular by pop stars - and exposing their genitals in public. Officials even reported seeing one of the women urinate in public before driving off.

Accident in Southeast Portland results in drunk driving charges

Following a motor vehicle accident, Oregon police will open an investigation to try and determine how the accident occurred. In some cases, this investigation can be clear cut, but in others police may have to perform tests and other measures to figure out what happened. In many cases, police may look to the drivers to see if their behavior, or intoxication, caused the crash.If police suspect drunk driving, police will try to determine the driver's blood alcohol content level. This can be done through a variety of means including a field sobriety test, a blood test or a breath test. These tests must be carried out with precision in order for the results to be trusted.

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