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Rape charges for man with prior criminal record

Investigations for felony charges can result in a variety of difficult consequences for the accused. People can be subject to unwanted media attention, face problems at work, spend time in jail and have restrictions placed on their daily lives as soon as charges are brought. These initial punishments can place a burden on a person's life. However, they do not mean that a person is guilty of a crime or that the person will eventually be found guilty. One area that often creates serious immediate consequences is with sex crimes. Aggressive prosecution can lead to immediate problems for the accused, especially if people do not take affirmative steps to protect their rights from the beginning of a case.

Eye-witness testimony questioned in Oregon case

Following a shooting in Oregon in 2007, two women were questioned by police. According to reports, the women had seen the shooting through a car window in heavy rain. Following the shooting, they took off in a car and police had to track them down. Reports claim that the women claimed that they hadn't seem much during the incident because of their own emotions, the rain and darkness.

Oregon man faces robbery and other felony charges

People can sometimes act out of desperation. The need for something is so great, that they perform a criminal act that they otherwise would have avoided. In these cases, people can still face serious criminal charges -- including felony charges -- despite not wanting anyone to get hurt in the process.

Oregon constitution protects against traffic citations

Cars and trucks are obviously a frequent mode of transportation for many Oregonians. However, in Oregon many laws dictate the conduct that people must abide by as they are driving. These laws tell people where they can drive, how fast they can drive and whether they are allowed to drive in the first place. By violating these rules, Oregon residents can be charged with a traffic citation. These citations can result in fines and other penalties, and more serious traffic offenses may result in misdemeanor charges.

Driver flees police, eventually charged with DUII

When people are intoxicated, they do not always make the best decisions. Intoxicants -- like drugs or alcohol -- can change people's sense of judgment and mistakes are easily made. One common mistake is getting behind the wheel of a car after having too much to drink. While normally people may see this as risky and inappropriate, intoxicated people can still make the wrong decision.

Police investigate North Portland men following drug charges

Police investigations can continue for a while after a person is arrested. Depending on the specific charges, Oregon police may be trying to determine exactly what happened in a particular incident, gather more evidence or find more suspects. Whatever the case, police and prosecutors will work tirelessly to prepare the best case possible against those accused of criminal activity.

Charges for 2 Oregonians following police search for drugs

Two Oregon residents have been arrested on a variety of drug charges after police served a search warrant. According to police, warrants were issued for two different locations. In the searches of these properties, police say that they recovered more than $20,000 cash, methamphetamine, heroin and two handguns.

After fleeing police, 2 face felony charges

Any interaction with Oregon police officers can lead to criminal charges. However, a host of additional charges -- or upgraded charges -- can be included if people do not cooperate with police during a traffic stop or other police investigation. While people are under no obligation to tell police about illegal activity, they do need to comply with certain requests -- including the request to pull over.

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