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March 2014 Archives

Does new Oregon law really help remove mug shots from Internet?

No one is perfect -- people make mistakes all the time that result in a police investigation, an arrest and criminal charges. While many of these criminal charges may make their way through the criminal justice system in Oregon, some will not. With the right criminal defense from the beginning of a case, people can get charges dismissed. In some situations, people will be found not guilty of felony or misdemeanor charges and will be released without punishment.

Saint Patrick's Day leads to DUII charges across Oregon

Every March, people across the state of Oregon come out to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Like many holidays, the celebrations often include alcohol. In particular, this holiday is known for its rowdy parties and green beer. Ahead of the holiday Oregon State Police urged drivers from across the state to avoid drinking and driving during the Saint Patrick's Day celebrations.

Four in Oregon suspected of methamphetamine use, face charges

Four Oregon residents were recently arrested on drug charges. According to police, they served a search warrant on a residence that neighbors had complained about for some time. The neighbors alleged that for the last couple years, people were always coming and going from the house after short visits. Police say that the neighbors suspected drug activity.

Fight results in assault charges for Oregon man

In the full range of emotions that people can feel, anger can be dangerous. When people are angry they sometimes act out in a way that they normally would avoid. While peoples' anger does not excuse their behavior it can sometimes be an explanation for why people did something they did. Even when a person's emotions get the best of them, people should understand that criminal consequences can follow in certain circumstances.

Police arrest two in Portland on drug trafficking charges

In many cases, police officers cannot enter a property just because they suspect illegal activity may be occurring. The United States Constitution protects Oregon residents from such illegal searches by police officers. Usually, police either need a search warrant or permission to search from someone who lives in the home.

Police chase ends in crash and DUI charges

An Oregon man has been arrested for driving under the influence following a police chase. DUI charges are serious in Oregon and can result in prison sentences, large fines, loss of driving privileges, community service or alcohol education classes. In some cases, the penalties can be more severe because of a person's criminal record or because of the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

Mix-up for Portland residents results in extra charges

In an effort to clean up the streets of Portland, reports say that police officers have been wrongfully charging some citizens with crimes. Under a new initiative -- called the Chronic Offender Pilot Program -- people were subject to Class A misdemeanor charges if they were caught littering, drinking from an open container or urinating in public. Under the program, officers would give written warnings for the first offense, then place someone under arrest for interfering with an officer for a second offense.

11 months after shooting, Portland man faces murder charge

People's criminal history can follow them for years to come after the criminal proceedings are done. A permanent criminal record can lead to problems finding employment and housing. It can also increase penalties in subsequent criminal proceedings. Furthermore, a criminal history can create suspicion by police officers and the general public should an issue arise in the future.

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