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February 2014 Archives

Oregon legislature to debate reduced drunk driving penalty

Allegations of drunk driving can be devastating for some Portland residents. They can face difficult and harsh penalties that affect them not only emotionally but financially. In Oregon, in order for first time drunk driving offenders to regain driving privileges, they have to install an ignition interlock device into their car. This device will prevent the car from starting if alcohol is detected on a person's breath. The device is mandatory and costs between $500 and $1,000 to install. Maintenance and monitoring on the device can cost additional money.

Oregon man accused of drunk driving and causing passenger's death

Sometimes the simplest of mistakes can lead to deadly consequences. For many people who have been accused of drunk driving, the consequences are serious but they can be managed. For many first-time offenders, people may have to pay a fine, do a small amount of jail time, complete community service or a driver's education class. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances, a first-time DUI arrest may result in a loss of some driving privileges.

Former Oregon sheriff accused of drug trafficking

An Oregon man has been arrested on drug charges in another state. According to reports, the 56-year-old man is a retired Clackamas County sheriff and lives in Creswell. Police stopped the man after they allegedly caught him speeding in a construction zone at around 11:00 a.m.

Misdemeanor charges for selling alcohol to minors may be lowered

Misdemeanor charges can have a significant impact on a person's ability to find employment in Oregon. Criminal charges are looked down upon by employers who may refuse to hire anyone with a criminal history. This is particularly true when the misdemeanor charge is for selling alcohol to minors.

Man accused of sex crimes against consenting partner

There is sometimes a fine line between consensual sexual activity and inappropriate behavior. This line can get blurry when two adults -- who are able to consent -- are involved in the incident. Sometimes in cases like these, criminal charges can follow. While someone is facing allegations of sex crimes, the evidence may come in the form of he said, she said testimony.

Portland bouncer won't face criminal charges for shooting

When people are accused of a crime, they will have the opportunity to admit to wrongdoing or to deny the charges. If people deny the criminal charges, they can formulate a criminal defense strategy that can help to prove their innocence. Sometimes, people can be cleared of the charges even before a criminal trial.

Oregon police increase DUI patrols for the big game

There are certain times of the year when Oregon residents are more likely to be out drinking. During these times, police understand that there are likely to be more people on the roads who have been drinking and driving. Therefore, police increase patrols in order to try and make as many arrests as possible. These times of the year traditionally include New Years' Eve, Saint Patrick's Day and Super Bowl Sunday.

Police raid leads to drug charges for 6

The Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team has recently conducted a raid on a personal residence where officers suspected drug dealings. According to reports, officers from the CODE team had been watching the residence for some time. An investigation that lasted for months, ended in the raid of the home and the arrest of six people on drug charges.

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