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Charges dropped against former Portland resident

In state and federal court, Oregon residents have the right to present an aggressive criminal defense. In this defense, people should present evidence of their innocence. This may be employing defense strategies such as self-defense or insanity, or it could be evidence showing why it could not have been them who committed the crime. The specific criminal defense strategy will change depending on the specific facts and charges in each case.

However, if the right criminal defense strategy is used, people may see the charges dropped. If the charges get dropped, people can avoid the stress of a criminal trial and the worry about potential punishments.

Recently, federal charges against a former Oregon man were dropped after he claimed to have been tortured by the FBI in a foreign jail. In this case, the former Portland resident and another man were accused of working together to illegally wire money into Middle Eastern and North African countries. In order to get evidence in this white collar crime case, the investigators apparently secured secret warrants. Generally, these types of warrants are reserved only for investigating potential terrorism and espionage. Investigators say the men would make small transfers to avoid reporting the money to federal regulatory agencies.

Eventually, the Portland man was arrested abroad and held in a foreign prison. He claims that for three months he was tortured at the prison at the direction of the FBI. U.S. officials deny these claims.

Now that the charges against the man have been dropped, he will not face any additional jail time. The other man agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors and his charges will also be dropped if he follows the terms of his probation.

It is important for Oregon residents to remember that just because charges are filed doesn't mean that a person has to go through a criminal trial. With the right defense strategy from the beginning of a case, people may see the charges dropped by authorities, which will allow them to move on from the incident.

Source: KOMO, "Feds drop charges against purported torture victim, secret warrant target," Levi Pulkkinen, Oct. 6, 2013

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