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Oregon debates lowering criminal penalties

The criminal code in Oregon is changing all the time -- new laws are added, old laws are repealed and penalties are changed. With all these changes, criminal defense strategies are also constantly changing in order to make sure that people are not being wrongfully convicted of serious crimes. Those accused of crimes in Oregon -- especially of felony crimes -- should make sure they understand the charges against them and any possible criminal defenses in order to ensure the best possible outcome to their case.

Many Oregonians will be happy to hear that the Oregon House of Representatives recently passed a new bill which lowers certain criminal penalties. The bill -- which passed 40-18 -- will now move to the Senate before heading to the Governor. It has already received the support of several law enforcement agencies.

If passed, this bill will lower penalties for certain drug charges including for marijuana possession. It would also lower penalties for driving with a suspended license and for certain property crimes. Under the bill, probation officers would also be given the authority to lower the length of a people's probation if they are complying with its terms.

All in all, this bill is looking to keep Oregon's prison population at around 14,600 inmates for the next five years. Currently, the prison population stands at 14,500 inmates. All of these reductions in penalties will automatically end in 10 years.

While this bill is a step in the right direction, some are still unhappy with it. Some legislators hoped that it would have done more to reduce penalties for juvenile offenders.

If this bill passes it will be a welcomed change for many Oregonians. However, many crimes will remain unchanged and have serious punishments. The only way to avoid these penalties is to mount an aggressive criminal defense.

Source: The Dalles Chronicle, "House Passes Public Safety Bill," Lauren Gambino, June 28, 2013

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