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July 2013 Archives

Washington enacts stricter DUI laws for repeat offenders

As a nation, Americans take a lot of road trips every year in their cars. These trips could consist of anything from going to the grocery store to a multi-state vacation. With so many drivers out there, it is imperative that every driver pays attention to the road and obeys all traffic laws. While most people drive safely, there are a few individuals who make poor decisions when it comes to driving by operating their vehicle impaired. As the years have gone by, DUI laws have slowly gotten stricter in the state of Washington as well as the rest of the nation.

Oregon court expands warrantless searches of vehicles

This blog often highlights the importance of an aggressive criminal defense for Oregonians who are facing criminal charges. With the correct defense strategy people can go on to have happy and successful lives following criminal allegations. By presenting a criminal defense people can show that they are innocent of the crime they are accused of. Furthermore, a proper criminal defense will also question the police's conduct during a criminal investigation, the arrest and subsequent questioning.

Man arrested on drug charges after 10 year search

Oregon police will often stop at nothing to find people who have been indicted for crimes. If necessary, local Oregon police departments can ask other agencies -- including the Oregon state police, U.S. Marshals, the FBI and others -- to help in the investigation and capture of wanted criminals. Once other agencies are involved it becomes very likely that someone will be arrested, eventually.

Use of exploding target can lead to misdemeanor charge in Oregon

People don't always understand or keep up with all the changes in the state and federal laws in Oregon. Often, people aren't even aware that the laws are changing. Despite the fact that people do not know the laws have changed, they can be charged with and punished for breaking new laws.

Oregon woman arrested twice for DUII in one day

An arrest for driving under the influence can have a serious effect on a person's life. If not handled correctly, the long term consequences -- including a driver's license suspension -- of a DUI can make a big impact on a person for years to come. With each DUI arrest, these consequences increase.

Man charged with felonies after running from Oregon police

No one wants to get in trouble with the police. People often understand that any police contact can lead to an arrest record, criminal charges and serious potential penalties. In some cases, people's initial reaction may be to run from the police to avoid an arrest. This is often not a good idea and can lead to additional felonies for Oregon residents.

Oregon couple faces eviction after drug charges

Under the constitution of the United States, those accused of criminal wrongdoing are supposed to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. This means that people should not face punishments for supposed crimes until they have been found guilty in a court of law. Unfortunately, people are often judged as guilty by members of the community and in the media from the moment criminal accusations surface.

Oregon debates lowering criminal penalties

The criminal code in Oregon is changing all the time -- new laws are added, old laws are repealed and penalties are changed. With all these changes, criminal defense strategies are also constantly changing in order to make sure that people are not being wrongfully convicted of serious crimes. Those accused of crimes in Oregon -- especially of felony crimes -- should make sure they understand the charges against them and any possible criminal defenses in order to ensure the best possible outcome to their case.

Oregon driver faces DUI charges and others following accident

In these warm summer months in Oregon, people often make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after having too much to drink. While people may think that a DUI arrest is embarrassing and therefore needs to be quickly dealt with, people should also understand the serious consequences that come with a DUI beyond embarrassment. Those accused of DUI can face heavy fines, jail time and lose their drivers' licenses. These consequences will increase if people continue to get arrested for DUI or if they cause an accident or otherwise injure another person while driving drunk.

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