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June 2013 Archives

Portland police find heroin during search -- arrests made

Police rely on a variety of sources in order to find people who are breaking the law including tips from citizens. According to police, a tip led them to investigate reports of drug deals at a local neighborhood in Northeast Portland. Following this investigation, three individuals were arrested on drug charges.

Possible new source of evidence in Oregon misdemeanor cases

In any criminal case, the police and prosecutors must gather evidence against the accused to be used in court. This evidence is used to prove that people committed the crimes that they are accused of. This evidence can come from a variety of sources and in many different forms. For some misdemeanor charges, Oregon police and prosecutors now have a new source of evidence -- red light cameras.

4 Oregon men arrested for sex crimes following internet video

A lot of peoples' lives are on the Internet. With so many different ways to share information and connect with other people, personal details are often posted somewhere online. However, in some situations there is a fine line between sharing personal information and criminal activity.

Oregon police charge man with DUII following accident

While most people understand that drinking and driving is dangerous, people still make mistakes and underestimate the amount they have had to drink. Especially in the summer months -- where parties and get-togethers often involve alcohol -- it is easy for people to lose track of how much they have had to drink and whether they should be driving. When people make this mistake with their children in the car, the consequences can be severe.

Oregon Legislature debates new felony crimes

Under current Oregon laws, if a person solicits a minor for sex in exchange for money, that person is not charged with a felony. Instead, a fine of $10,000 is levied against people for a first-time offense, and people are fined $20,000 the second time they are charged. However, this soon could change if new proposed legislation is passed.

Oregon medicinal marijuana growers arrested on drug charges

Under Oregon law, people can grow and sell medical marijuana under very specific conditions. First, these people must have the proper permits and be a licensed grower. Second, licensed growers can only sell to up to four patients with an Oregon Medicinal Marijuana Program card. Finally, these people can only sell the marijuana to recoup the costs of growing it and nothing more. If these rules are not carefully followed, then people can face felony drug charges.

Oregon Supreme Court rules on DUI sleep driving defense

People may think that they have few defense options following a DUI arrest. However, this is simply not the case. In Oregon, those arrested for DUI have several options in order to eliminate charges or to reduce penalties. Recently, the Oregon Supreme Court has allowed a new defense -- sleep driving.

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