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No criminal charges after investigation of Portland ballot

The police investigate many allegations of crimes. When they receive calls, tips and other information that a crime might have occurred, the police have a duty to investigate. However, not every criminal investigation leads to criminal charges. Sometimes, if the police find no evidence of a crime or if a person presents a strong criminal defense from the start, the police will stop the investigation and move on.

Man with lengthy criminal record charged with misdemeanors

Misdemeanor charges can result in a jail sentence of up to one year and thousands of dollars in fines. While this is significantly less time than a felony charge, misdemeanors should still be taken very seriously in Oregon. These charges are still added to a person's criminal record. Therefore, over time, if more misdemeanor charges accrue, punishments can increase and mean serious time behind bars.

New DUI legal limit proposed for Oregon by federal government

Often people have an idea of how much they are able to drink while still being alright to drive. However, that might be about to change. Recently, the federal government has recommended that all states, including Oregon, lower their legal limits for driving drunk. Under the current law, a person cannot be charged with a DUI unless that person's blood alcohol content level is a .08 percent or higher.

Two facing drug trafficking and manufacturing charges in Oregon

While police and prosecutors take drug use and possession seriously, criminal charges for these crimes are generally much less severe than the charges for drug manufacturing and drug trafficking. Drug charges for the manufacturing, cultivation or trafficking of drugs in Oregon are generally felonies and are subject to sentencing guidelines.

Oregon indicts man following police shooting

Despite being shot by police, a 48-year-old man faces several criminal charges. According to police, the man had recently gone on a multiple state crime spree which included both Oregon and Washington. In Marion County court, the man has been indicted on several felonies -- felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon and giving false evidence to police.

100 miles-per-hour police chase ends in DUII arrest

Recently, the Oregon Department of Transportation has given local communities grant money to help crack down on people driving under the influence of intoxicants. According to police records, this grant money has helped police arrest 28 people for DUII so far this year. This is almost a 17 percent increase in DUII arrests as compared with 2012.

Couple arrested for stealing formula following criminal investigation

In order to gather the evidence they need, police will often conduct extensive investigations and searches. In one recent criminal investigation, a couple was arrested on suspicion of stealing baby formula then reselling it on the internet.

Tourists plead not guilty to drug charges following traffic stop

When police are on patrol they are often looking for people who are violating traffic laws. These routine traffic stops can include speeding, running stop signs and other minor infractions. However, once a stop occurs, police can start to look for signs that other crimes are occurring. Police will observe the driver, any passengers and anything in the open to see if there is any evidence that another crime has occurred. In some cases, police may find evidence of drug use or possession. In these cases, drug charges are likely.

Felony theft charges for Oregon Girl Scout troop leader

When people think about felony charges they may think about violent crimes, murder, weapons charges or drug charges. However, many misdemeanor crimes have corresponding felonies which can apply under certain circumstances. Take shoplifting for example. In some cases, theft is only a misdemeanor charge. However, if the amount stolen is high enough, or other factors are present, the charges can be increased to a felony.

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