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April 2013 Archives

Former Oregon football player charged with misdemeanors

From time to time everyone suffers from a lapse in judgment. When these mistakes lead to criminal charges, they can have a long lasting effect on people's lives. For example, in Oregon even with misdemeanor charges people can be sentenced to over $6,000 in fines and spend up to a year in jail. With serious consequences like these, people should understand what they have been charged with and how to defend against the charges.

Woman charged with additional felonies after murder-for-hire plot

A Portland woman is facing additional criminal charges after attempting to hire someone to murder witnesses for her already pending criminal case. She has been charged with several felonies including four counts of attempted aggravated murder and five counts of solicitation of aggravated murder.

Suspected drunk driver charged after running from police

While no one likes to be pulled over by the police, it happens to almost everyone at some point. When a person is pulled over for suspected drunk driving, the situation becomes even more serious. However, how people react to the police can make a difference in their case. If people cooperate with the police, police may try to take advantage of people and get more evidence then they legally should. On the other hand, if people resist the police they can end up with additional charges.

Oregon priest pleads guilty to sex crime

An Oregon priest currently awaits sentencing on several felony charges. He recently pleaded guilty a sex crime -- first-degree sexual abuse. In Oregon, the minimum sentence for first-degree sexual abuse is six years, but he could face additional time for a driving while intoxicated charge and for a furnishing alcohol to a minor charge.

Oregon legislature debates tougher criminal penalties

The criminal code in Oregon is constantly being revised, updated and changed by legislators. These fluctuating laws can create confusion for those unfamiliar with the criminal courts. Part of the revisions that are often made include increasing penalties for certain crimes. As these new laws and penalties are created, people facing criminal charges need to be mindful of their criminal defense strategy. Without understanding the laws, it can be difficult for people to defend against charges or to ensure that their rights are protected.

Road rage leads to felony charges for one Oregon woman

Some people may think that felony charges only arise as the result of intentional conduct. They may think that those accused of felonies have created a thought out plan prior to a crime being committed. However, this is often not the case. Many times felonies -- like assault or weapons charges -- may be committed in the heat of the moment or completely by mistake. In any case, the penalties for committing a felony in Oregon are severe.

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