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January 2013 Archives

Men face state and federal sentences for drug trafficking

Both the Oregon state and the federal United States governments have criminal courts and criminal charges. In a lot of situations, there is very little overlap between the two courts. For example, something that is punishable in state court may not even be heard in federal court. However, when it comes to drug charges, it is possible for both court systems to get involved in a case.

University of Oregon football player fights DUII charges

In criminal cases, people often hear about agreeing to a plea deal to quickly end a case. With a plea deal, people generally plead guilty to a lesser crime in exchange for a lighter sentence. Plea deals allow prosecutors to cheaply settle a case. However, people need to know that they have many criminal defense options available after they have been accused of a crime and that they do not have to choose a plea deal.

Oregon man admits to drunk driving in Facebook status

Social media impacts many aspects of people's everyday lives. Without even thinking people post pictures, status updates and their whereabouts to various social media outlets on a daily basis. However, for one Oregon teen his statement on one of these social media outlets has led to criminal charges.

Criminal case to be resolved in 16 days after plea agreement

Criminal proceedings can be long drawn out affairs. At best they can take months, at worst criminal proceedings can last years. From the initial charges all the way through the appeals, having the right criminal defense strategy can make all the difference. But criminal defense can include more than just defending against the charges, in some cases plea negotiation can be vital to a person's defense.

Oregon teacher forced to register as sex offender after plea deal

An Oregon teacher has recently accepted a plea deal that resulted in prosecutors dropping felony charges against her. In this case, prosecutors claim that the 37-year-old high school teacher had inappropriate sexual relations with a 17-year-old student. Since the student was underage at the time of the sexual contact, the teacher was charged with several felony sex crimes. According to police, another teacher reported the sexual activity.

3 arrested near school for drug possession in Newport

Recently police in Lincoln County served and executed a search warrant at a home in Newport, Oregon. This residence happened to be one-half block from a local high school. In the search, officers from the Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team claimed that they found methamphetamine, a firearm, packaging materials and other drug paraphernalia.

Oregon man faces DUII charges after accident

When people make the mistake of driving after drinking there can be serious consequences. People who are found guilty of DUII can be sentenced to jail time, probation, fines and counseling. They may also lose their license -- even for just a first-time offense. However, when people who have been driving drunk cause further damage, they can face even more severe punishments and additional criminal charges.

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