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September 2012 Archives

Social media may endanger rights of shoplifting defendants

From time to time, people might suffer from a lack of proper judgment or make a mistake. Oftentimes, misdemeanor crimes, such as theft or shoplifting, are just that -- mistakes. However, even these less serious crimes can make a big impact on a person's life.

Medical marijuana distribution center in Oregon raided by police

In many states, including Oregon, the state has permitted the use of medical marijuana. Therefore, in Oregon, it is legal to use marijuana as a registered user. There are 54,200 people who are eligible grow and use medical marijuana in Oregon. It is, however, illegal to sell medical marijuana in Oregon, even to registered users. If users sell marijuana, then they can face drug charges.

Man hits pedestrians, charged with fourth DUII

Not all criminal activity is created equal. Depending on the circumstances in each case, the charges, and the punishments, for similar crimes can vary quite a bit. One example of this is in drunk driving cases. Depending on the facts, motorists who are accused of drunk driving can face a variety of different charges. In most situations, those accused of driving under the influence will face misdemeanor charges. First-time offenders in Oregon can expect a fine of at least $1,000, jail time or community service and probation. However, the more times a person is charged with a DUII, the more severe the punishments become. If someone in Oregon has multiple offenses they can even face felony DUII charges.

Man pleads guilty to misdemeanor after costing Portland thousands

No matter how insignificant a particular interaction with the police may seem to be, people nonetheless need to prepare for the possibility of any subsequent criminal proceedings. Misdemeanor charges can have an immediate and serious impact on a person's life. In Oregon, misdemeanors include crimes such as disorderly conduct, driving with a suspended license, shoplifting, harassment, first-offense DUIs and certain thefts.

Investigation leads to arson and assault charges for Portland man

Before prosecutors can try a case against someone accused of a crime, police need to conduct a complete investigation of the criminal incident. These criminal investigations can be time-consuming, invasive and damaging to anyone accused of a crime. Investigators are often trained to get the most information as possible out of someone, and everything a person says or does during a criminal investigation can be used against them during a trial in an Oregon court.

Portland police: Traffic stop yields 22 pounds of meth

Traffic stops can be frustrating for anyone. Police can be aggressive and tickets can lead to fines and other expenses. However, in some cases, routine traffic stops have the potential to turn into much more serious situations.

Portland doctor faces felony charge 2 years after patient's death

Certain criminal charges are obviously more serious than others. The most serious criminal charges are called felonies. A person usually faces a felony charge when they are eligible to receive penalties of more than one year in prison for a single offense.

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