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June 2012 Archives

DUII driver admits to hit-and-run that injured Portland cyclist

A highly unusual case of a hit-and-run collision involving an SUV and a bicycle has resulted in the driver coming forward, accepting charges against him and paying a settlement to the bicyclist. The driver, against whom police had very little evidence, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of intoxicants and misdemeanor hit-and-run as part of a plea agreement.

Drunk-driving convictions may benefit some drinkers, study says

Many people who are arrested for driving drunk are able to chalk up the experience as a one-time mistake and never drink and drive again. But for others, a drunk driving arrest is a sign of a much bigger problem for which they require extensive treatment. Because a conviction often comes with a requirement to undergo this treatment, in some cases an arrest for driving under the influence of intoxicants is a blessing in disguise.

Oregon woman accused of DUII, trying to flee accident scene

Car accidents that result in injuries or death are undoubtedly stressful events. Immediately after the accident you may feel stress, shock, panic and confusion. If you know that you caused the accident, you may be tempted to avoid further trouble by leaving the accident scene immediately. But doing so won't make the fallout of the accident any easier and is likely to land you in more trouble.

University of Oregon student pleads guilty in fatal DUII crash

A conviction for driving under the influence of intoxicants has the potential to ruin anyone's life, but when the guilty driver is a college student, the ramifications can be much more serious. Even if the student isn't sentenced to significant jail time, a drunk driving charge on a young person's criminal record often acts as a red flag for prospective employers, loan officers and even landlords. In today's economy, securing a good job and desirable housing is hard enough without this extra obstacle.

Brother, friends of Portland DUII hit-and-run suspect arrested

Nothing induces panic quite like a car accident, especially if you're the driver at fault. Such incidents can cause us to act irrationally and make poor decisions that we later regret. Unfortunately, many times we don't get a second chance to do the right thing. In the meantime it can be easy to build on those original mistakes.

Oregon drug sweep nets more than dozen arrests in several cities

In an effort to make a bigger impact in America's war on drugs, many times a group of law enforcement agencies will combine efforts to catch many drug suspects at once. These multi-agency sweeps are typically very good for publicity because they result in seized drugs and a large number of mug shots, effectively demonstrating to the public that police are doing their jobs.

2 Portland-area crashes result in property damage, DUII arrests

Many drivers who suddenly find themselves in immediate danger of being arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants worry about what comes next. That largely depends on the circumstances of the DUII incident, which can quickly spiral out of control if a driver panics and makes the situation worse.

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